Rock Construction defines Commercial Remodel Construction as the process of updating or remodeling a space that will house private business(es).  

The reasons for commercial remodeling can vary from needing a more efficient workspace, expanding an existing  workspace, or modernizing and updating to create a more welcoming customer experience. Remodeling work can  be customed to a single suite, a whole floor of a building, or the entire building. 

Commercial renovation has a lot of moving parts. Careful planning, organization, and execution are of the utmost  importance.  

Our Stages & Process 

• Planning 
o Together we complete a physical walkthrough of the desired space as-is, taking time to observe  the surrounding buildings and neighborhoods. During this step, we will also review the city’s  building codes to evaluate what might need to be updated as part of the renovation. We will also  be responsible for obtaining building permits. 
o Our team of experts work closely with you to turn your vision into quantifiable phases. Once  these phases are developed and detailed, we provide an estimation of costs with options to suit  your budget. The budget will include estimated cost of materials, labor, and hours. 
• Pre-Construction 
o Once we’ve established your budget and timelines, we begin designing the build. We partner  with only the best architects in the country. Together, we put your project on paper in comprehensible layouts, making sure we have fully understood your vision, while keeping your  budget top-of-mind. 
• Contract Explanation & Approval 
o Once we’ve estimated timelines, materials, and have created the design blueprints, our highly  skilled underwriters will present a contract for approval. We review the contract with you in  great detail, answering all of your questions and making adjustments to the contract as needed.  We want your full confidence in your partnership with Rock Construction before ever putting pen  to paper.  
• Let the Construction Begin! 
o Our team procures all necessary equipment and materials, making sure these align with the  estimated costs presented to you.  
o The project will undergo several inspections along the way. We manage these inspections and  communicate immediately if any unexpected costs arise so we can assess and manage them  before moving to the next stage of construction. 

There’s obviously a lot of moving parts involved with any build. Our experienced team will be with you the entire  journey, always just a phone call or email away, should any need, concern, or question arise. We treat our clients  like we want to be treated: with respect, loyalty, and honesty.  

Contact us today to chat with one of our incredible team members and find out why Rock Construction is the contractor you can rely on.


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