Rock Construction defines Construction Management as the management of your project from start to finish.  You’ve already determined your need for a remodel or ground-up construction project. You already know what your goals are, what your budget is, and how quickly you need this project completed and ready for business. If  you’re looking for assistance on taking the next steps, you’ve come to the right place.  

While our Design Build Project Management offering is very popular for our client base, we also understand some  business owners prefer to have more involvement in the behind-the-scenes choices. By utilizing our Construction  Management offering, you take the lead role in choosing the contractors, architects, engineers, and designers you  want on your team to be managed by Rock Construction.  

After guiding the pre-construction phase of your project, your construction management team will oversee general  contractor safety practices and requirements, frequently inspect for quality control, coordinate ongoing permit  needs, manage your budget and much more.  

We’re also responsible for making sure you stay informed about the entirety of the project. When we onboard a  new client, we often hear stories of frustration about lack of communication or poor communication when  working with other contractors and managers in the past. With Rock Construction, we understand the importance  of a business owner knowing immediately about delays or budget changes. Fast, upfront communication about  these situations is crucial to the success of your project.  

In the simplest of terms, your project manager’s responsibilities are: 

Quality management 

Contract administration 

Safety management 

Cost management 

Time management 

It’s a huge job and you should only choose the most educated, organized, and accessible management team for  the future success of your business. Call us today to find out why Rock Construction is the strongest choice on the  market today!


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