Rock Construction defines Design-Build Project Delivery as single-contract management for our clients. Using our  trusted network of partners, we choose the best fit for your project and collaborate with them directly. This  service allows Rock Construction to be your one-stop-shop expert for the entirety of your vision.  

We know how stressful a construction or remodeling project can be for the business owner. We strive to eliminate  as much of those stressors as possible. 

We take on projects in a collaborative setting rather than our client managing multiple entities that are working  individually. Whenever any changes or adjustments arise, they are addressed by the entire team of contractors.  This allows for a team effort approach and eliminates any blame-shifting or miscommunications. 

We only work with other contractors that practice this same culture. Our team of partner contractors are  relationship-based and experience-based. When we see a need to expand our family of contractors, we take the  time to interview, research referrals, and truly get to know the contractor and their work culture before agreeing  to partner. It’s of utmost importance to our team at Rock Construction to only surround ourselves with like minded entities.  

It can be tempting to choose the cheapest contractor, but at Rock Construction, we have high standards of quality  work. Cost of services is an important part of our vetting process for partner contractors, but it’s definitely not the  most important. We want to work with contractors that understand our clients have unique needs in their budget and be able to cater to those unique needs.  

Selecting partners from our network happens during the pre-construction phase and will be the most important  part of the process. Our team will be learning about your business, your goals, what your challenges are, and what  your ultimate vision is. We’ll ask as many questions as possible to make sure we paint the most accurate picture to  the potential collaborative team we build.  

Our team of contractors, engineers, architects, and other consultants will then assess the physical structure together. From there, we establish timeframes, cost of goods and services, and many finer points of the planning  stages. Before your pen ever hits the paper, we ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the plans and  expectations.  

If you’d like to discuss this process in further detail, please reach out to us. We love getting to know our clients and  showing them the Rock Construction difference. Raise your standards today!


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