Rock Construction defines New Construction as a ground-up, clean slate, build. We love all of the unique projects we take on, but there’s something truly magical about seeing a bare piece of land turn into the vision you’ve so  passionately crafted.  

One of the many benefits of new construction is the unlimited flexibility for growing in stages. You might only  require a certain amount of square footage at first. As your business grows, you can physically grow with it. Since  you’re starting from the ground up, we like to piece the entire project into three phases so it’s a little easier to  digest and comprehend.  

Pre-Construction Phase 

The pre-construction phase consists mostly of communication. We need to know every detail, so brace yourself for  a lot of questions! We’ll take the time to understand your budgetary needs. We focus on due diligence, research,  permit requirements and planning, including community bylaws and policies so your time and money is spent  wisely and efficiently now, and in the future.  

Together we’ll assess your concept, your development plans, your goals for future growth, your timeline  expectations, and how you plan to finance your project. We work with many local and national financial  institutions and will happily give you some suggestions about who we’ve enjoyed working with on past projects.  

There’s a lot that goes into this entire process but before we can move on to the next phase, we want to make  sure you’re set up for success.  


This is the most exciting part of the process. After carefully mapping out your project, we all get to be on-site. Since we’ve taken the necessary time to plan carefully and methodically for what’s ahead, we’ve lowered the risks  and aligned our expectations.  

This phase will include: 


Demolition (if applicable)  

Foundation pouring 

Structural steel placement  


Plumbing and electrical 

Walls and flooring 

Windows and doors 

Post Construction 

This is the last development stage but it’s the first stage for you and your business. Once the construction is  complete, we’ll do a final inspection together and make sure all of your expectations have been met, preferably exceeded. We can’t wait to see your growth and future success!


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